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Roundtables for Executives
Roundtables are peer learning groups in which leaders from diverse organizations 
meet regularly to support, challenge, and learn from one another. Currently more 
than 60 leaders from around the nation participate in one of 6 roundtables for 
executives of museums and cultural organizations.

Dialogue with other leaders helps clarify issues and convert concern into practical action. The strength of a roundtable lies in the support, fresh perspective and challenges you receive from your peers, as well as the structure, tools, and innovation provided by Qm².

Our Museum Directors’ Roundtables are confidential, peer-learning groups, of no more than fourteen chief executives of museums and cultural institutions. Members do not compete with one another. The purpose of these groups is to improve the institution’s long-term sustainability and the director’s life. If the director is healthy -- mentally, physically, and spiritually -- we believe, the institution has a better chance of success.  

Roundtables meet three times a year to solve institutional problems, acquire knowledge and skills and to support, challenge, and learn from one another. Roundtable membership includes as much telephone consulting with Qm2 consultants as the member initiates and access to a network of over 60 peers. Meetings are held in St. Louis, Baltimore, New England, New Orleans, and Washington, DC. 

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“Stimulating, fun, thought-provoking, challenging, sometimes gut wrenching and always supportive conversations” 
Nan Miller
 former Executive Director
Children's Museum of Richmond
“Three trustees told me that they have dropped all other boards to focus on AMY because it is the best board they have been on. They do not want to be with any dysfunctional organizations or Boards anymore.... this success is also your success. If I had not had the support of the two of you and the Roundtable I would surely not have come this far, or done this well." 
​Sunnee O'Rork
 Executive Director 
Arizona Museum for Youth